Saturday, August 16, 2008

and here comes the remedy.

MOCK'S OVER!!!!!!!

yipppeeeee!!! i feel like shouting and screaming and jumping and hugging people in joy after the last paper.wanted to shout out there and then








but of course can do.. sadly everybody else smua da balik. sad gille nak mampus. only those sitting for bio paper je yang pegi skola on thursday and friday, and after that last paper 3 kan….ehem…

in class the instant mr soong passed me by taking away the paper

me: siangie..(smiling to siang hang, he sat in front of me, the next row)
siang hang: finally ( he smiled)
ju anne : we're free ( smiled)

outside the class in the hallway by the classroom door

me: freedom comes in the end leganyeee but tak rasa happy sgt kan?
siang hang: ya laa, because all the others are not here to share our joy maa. so unfair. they can celebrate their happiness with us tapi kite..da too late.
me: yeah, and its damn quiet in the school jugak .if they're all in the apartment it wouldnt be too frustrating. the problem is, maryam and jiha da balik, agnes kat genting, and KAY's sleeping! i think i wanna call kay now lah, cant stand it.( and so i called her and happily woke her up)

and then me and ju anne went back in siangie's car.mcm tu je our so called YEAYYYY!! at school. sobs.=(

but putting that 'factor' of frustration aside, i am indeed very relieved that we'd all finished our trial. i think overall, i did quite ok la kot, emphasising the KOT, considering the few unsatisfying answers here and there, the few mistakes and carelessness in some, the few tak cukup masa, and the one BIG WORST FLUNKing ESSAY,.. All those blunders i think i can overrule them with more practice.


About 80 more days to go, and by November, hopefully I’ll have enough practices. This full format trial really wears me out. Why on earth didn't we have full format exams before? The school should provide us with more than one exposure of this, since last year lagi. Then only we wouldn't have been too surprised and stressed up for two whole weeks. And I could have had a better time management and practice in writing English essays. Feel like crying bila teringat balik that English paper. have you ever experienced finishing an essay which you're very sure that THAT is the best you can do and the best and only ideas you have, but at the same time you're also very VERY sure that THAT is inadequate, too vague plus lack of in depth analysis and that THAT could never guarantee you an A in English. Now when I think of fatin I’ll be thinking of “PEMIMPIIIIIIIN” (with fingers waving at each other).this is just what we all as pemimpin have to go through aite fatin? kita pemimpin.=)

My plan for this holiday. The theme of my august holiday is…

Date with the past years Qs.


Read ‘An Evil Cradling’ and ‘Wind Sand and Stars’


Do all economics past years’ questions


Do all mathematics past years’ questions


Bio. Read biology. Finish up the whole option G and option H. and half of the core subject at least.


Do all business and management past years’ questions


French essays. Practice. And also grammar and vocab.

My 7 year old brother Thalhah pun baru finished his test recently and mak called me just to talk about how funny his answers were, especially for BM.

One question:

Ini adalah baju _________.

Thalhah’s answer: Ini adalah baju SEMBAHYANG!

And he said “sbb kan ayah pakai baju ni kalau sembahyang..

Ini adalah ­_________.

Thalhah’s answer: Ini adalah AYAH!

and when asked why he didn’t write down DOCTOR, he said

“sebab man tu nampak mcm ayah je..”

For English, there’s this nursery rhyme, where you have to fill in the blank of the third and fourth lines so that it is similar to the first and second like this:

Piece porridge hot piece porridge cold

Piece porridge in the pot nine days old

Father like it hot father like it cold

Father like it in the pot nine days old

But thalhah wrote:

Piece porridge hot piece porridge cold

Piece porridge I the pot nine days old

Father likes it COLD father likes it COLD

Father likes it in the pot ONE days old.

When asked he said “sebab thalhah rase ayah tak suka makan porridge yg panas sgt and sbb thalhah rasa ayah tak suka makan porridge yang dah lama sampai 9 days old!”

Everything is related to ayah. And as I laughed out loud with my mum over his answers.( well, for one thing, he didn’t go to kindergarten, so this is kinda like his first year really sitting for formal tests, so all of us are very excited in keeping up with how he’s coping), I realised that actually kan, his answers are in fact clever ones. the justifications are arguable for a seven year old. He actually took the effort in understanding the meaning of the words and visualising the pictures and their functions. And he answered based on those creative thoughts, and not based on what the question typed asked for.

Now THAT is the Child Mozart in you, THAT is the Child Mozart that hasn’t been destroyed and kept unattended in the inner garden of the mind, THAT is the work of the GARDENER the guardian of the inner wisdom and THAT is the real MAN, with the spirit breathed upon the clay.

The education system I think to some extent brings the machine-like systematic thinking out of children. maybe its because of the ways the teachers teach which lead to less imagination, I don’t know, coz ye la kan, I came from this same education system jugak. Like what mr masukor says, mathematics actually comes from imagination, it is when you visualise the maths and problems and not seeing it through the numbers on the paper.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

tick tock..4 minutes.

Assalamualaikum.Saya sebagai Menteri Belia dan Sukan Sri KDU mengalu alukan warga IB utk active menonton SUKAN Olimpik Beijing.Mari kita sama2 mencontohi naziha abdullah yang always thinks about badminton until she HAS to refer batman as badminton, dan awang mohd faizal yang is very concerned about the time we had to go to nadiya's bithday party so as not to clash with Olympic on tv, and be enthusiastic and excited like them dlm menyokong industri sukan dunia.oh yeah! Semoga kita semua sihat wal'afiat insyaAllah.Saya yng menurut perintah: fatimah zahra.

formal enough?

two more subjects to go for mock exam.The two most fretted killer subjects -


i doubt whether i can memorise all...


analysing peoms and literature works..comparing and contrasting the evil cradling and wind,sand and stars..

practice zahra.

and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY i wish to the 7th august girls

and darling AINUL MARDHIAH
i wish the three of you all the best things in life.

...hurm..teringat pulak the topic debate during f3, 'all the best things in life are free'.