Tuesday, April 8, 2014


There are things in life that sometimes are just simply tailormade for you. :") totally tailormade for you masyaa Allah, its like a dream come true! Fabi ayyi aalaai rabbikuma tukazziban.. dan beruntunglah orang yang bersyukur T_T

Be it a tailormade someone *blush*, a tailormade something *smile*, or a tailormade event.. beruntunglah orang yg bersyukur dan tetap dalam kesyukurannya.

Keuntungan itu bukanlah kerana untungnya dapat ni'mat dunia tersebut tetapi kerana untungnya akhirat hasil kesyukuran tersebut.T_T

Oftentimes we think beramal in regards to this is easy when in fact its not at all. You can just take yourself as the proof and see how many small easy peasy deeds you couldnt even consistently do to express your syukr. And you very well know that one day of syukr is not enough. Heck even a year is not enough. How can a year of syukr be enough for a dream come true? You'll need a lifetime and more. Ya Rabbi.. iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta'in..