Saturday, August 9, 2008

tick tock..4 minutes.

Assalamualaikum.Saya sebagai Menteri Belia dan Sukan Sri KDU mengalu alukan warga IB utk active menonton SUKAN Olimpik Beijing.Mari kita sama2 mencontohi naziha abdullah yang always thinks about badminton until she HAS to refer batman as badminton, dan awang mohd faizal yang is very concerned about the time we had to go to nadiya's bithday party so as not to clash with Olympic on tv, and be enthusiastic and excited like them dlm menyokong industri sukan dunia.oh yeah! Semoga kita semua sihat wal'afiat insyaAllah.Saya yng menurut perintah: fatimah zahra.

formal enough?

two more subjects to go for mock exam.The two most fretted killer subjects -


i doubt whether i can memorise all...


analysing peoms and literature works..comparing and contrasting the evil cradling and wind,sand and stars..

practice zahra.

and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY i wish to the 7th august girls

and darling AINUL MARDHIAH
i wish the three of you all the best things in life.

...hurm..teringat pulak the topic debate during f3, 'all the best things in life are free'.


Anonymous said...

darling zahra (aka particles), it's is a sin to use 'things' in ur sententces as a HL English A1 student... now now... replace it with some'thing' else.... :D

danial syafiq said...


Letting the time pass me by said...

cool blog...

Selamat menyambut bulan kemerdekaan,

sempena bulan kemerdekaan, saya ingin berkongsi video kemerdekaan..

alenn said...


YOU?? menteri belia dan SUKAN??

you? Fatimah Zahra??

warghkakakakakakaakak =)