Monday, May 19, 2008

the toll for my complete ignorance

i asked the stupidest question ever to jiha..and i regret for even thinking about asking her such stupid question.

"is thomas cup a football championship?"

and she started laughing like a mad cow, and i laughed and blushed like a mad cow jugak.
my ignorance to sports and games has created me to be so outdated! aaaaahhh!! i need sports!!
time for a change of attitude.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the game of the week

i still cant believe we played ayam and musang tadi..i had stopped playing that game for almost 8 years.after cramming in the van swimming was good. plus main that kejar2 game with the newly befriended kids ismah and wazir.there are many points in time where i shifted into the eyes of people passing around and i asked myself what the heck am i playing ayam and musang in the water and laughing my head off like mad like i've never played this before.

budak ismah: tok tok, nak pinjam kunci
budak wazir :nah tapi jgn hilangkan
ismah(getting the ball down under her body and through two feet, the ball jumped up to the surface and was caught by aleen)
aleen:oooo kene buat mcm tu ke..(did the same and fatin caught it)
fatin giggling:(here you go zack, kentut bola)
i caught it and did the same to kay
and kay got the ball down through her two feet, mumbling "i can't believe we're doing this"
budak ismah:tok tok nak kunci
budak wazir:dah bagi dah kan
budak ismah:bagi kat die
aleen:bagi kat die
fatin:bagi kat dia
me:bagi kat dia

and then it all started.the screaming, the shouting, the jumping,the tarik2 baju with kay screaming "shit i'm the last anak ayam!!",the clinging onto each other with feet around the others' waists,the running in the water,the hiding behind the small little ismah who obviously can do very little in keeping us alive..

and the budak wazir easily tangkap la all of us in the end..each one of us panting and laughing, still hugging each other..and in the end fatin quits, not liking the game=(

looking back, it has been a while since i laugh byk2 like that till my stomach hurts and i had to stop for's been a while..and it felt some extent fun being stupid and play boring old children games. my 19 years of age, i think about closely to 80% is spent on studying. should have bring it down to 50%.