Monday, April 28, 2008

Tribute to teachers

Teachers are all different and they teach you in different ways of different things. You get teachers like Dr Reed and Teacher Rozie, who are such perfectionist that they tend to complain, get angry easily sometimes too often,and never hesitate to scold you harshly even your slightest mistake.You might respect them or you might be scared and end up hating them.. You get teachers like Miss Harjit, Cikgu Noterzam, Teacher Ziela who show more of their motherly love side to each and every one of their students, regardless of their achievements and attitude..well. maybe to some certain extent..and they give you more motivation in being humans with feelings and consideration rather than excellent robots with big brains and ideas.And then we have those discipline teachers who knows nothing about smiles and jokes, only rules and rules and more rules. and also those who are damn dedicated like Mr Lawrence-the-in-the-lab-sleeper, Cikgu Ramli and Cikgu Mat Daud, that you never have the feeling of boredom in their classes and you feel that you HAVE to get A in their subject as you'd feel guilty if their hard work is not paid off. And of course lah we have those teachers who don't really teach..procrastinate a lot and tend to talk of irrelevant memories and theories in class which for some students, are very irritating. One thing i learned after all these schooling is, that teachers are all there to help you learn more about yourself. Whether they are good teachers or bad teachers, it is not for us to judge. The more we complain about them the stupider we get.And the stupider we get..well..then we just wont learn anything.Each teacher contributes to your understanding of the world, of human behaviour, of theories and knowledge, of responsibility, of hopes and aims for the future.Even the worst ones give you an example of a bad employee, a figure whom you should not become one.. by 30 you'll be looking back at your life and you'll realise how much teachers have influenced your characters and attitudes in facing the world. and i mean SCHOOL TEACHERS.

Sri KDU International Baccalaureatte Diploma Programme Teachers=)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The time should have been loong ago instead of NOW.

Here i am early in morning thinking of tomorrow. Feel like failing my IB.

Things to do MONDAY:

1 EE. Wanna check my EE again pleeeaaasssseeee Miss Harjit pleeeaseee..i'm all on my knees. on all four if i must.
2 Biology reports..Forgot the AIM for report 5 and 6..gotta ask Mr Lawrence.
3 Business Commentary.Geram with MR Das.gotta review the topic with him again.
4 Maths IA. wanna check my previous IAs and ask his comments bout them.
5 English oral. Huck Finn! i NEED a perfect 7 FAST.
6 CAS forms. err..

suddenly rase unconfident pulak with myself, with fayzal telling me that both of us haven't been improving while the others have.( based on the 2nd evaluation la).

no more procastination. go go zahra the (as fatin says), the maths IA girl!