Wednesday, June 18, 2008

how about a round of applause

what a day today...lets list down the important incidents i wouldnt wanna forget when i'm over with IB.ahahaha.

first of all, theres our huck finn presentation!my gawd,thank you guys, we were great!..and funny laa.haha.even dr reed laughed out loud!hafiz, you and your tanned' skin colour really reflected jim very well, and the way you row the raft is soooooo NOT like a nigger that it looks wierd, and then you hiding under the blanket attempting to hide from me and fatin is so un'sivilised'.haha.and then theres paoe the goody two shoes sound heart in white, and cousin syed the racist devil deformed conscience in red.both of them played their roles very well.aleen too, the unreliable narrator huck finn,she managed to portray a confused looking huck, pathetic at first yet steady wooo steady.hahaha.i guess its coz she just got her conditional letter from victoria uni in wellington,she's in a very happy mood.congrats leen!!!!i'm so proud of you.haih,but bila my conditional letters nak smpai.i really hope would be nice..anu too..(dreamy eyes).anyway,back to the acts, we were very good.the act was well done.ahah, and of course la because of me and fatin,the two most important characters in the act!MUAHAHAHA!i think the problem about our orchestrations so far is, that none of us ever played the characters similar to our own characters in class.i mean, for example,paoe, being boss(he's not that pathetic), sound heart (he's not that kind hahaha)and julius caesar(err??..).but syed is an exceptional la as he always gets the bad guy character, brutus(the killer),zorba(the free spirited man who curses a lot), and the deformed conscience(the bad bad southerners), kinda similar to him in some ways hahahahaha no offense syed.

and ib won many medals and trophies today!the dance!the best debaters for english and mandarin!good good, go ib.we even skipped miss harjit's weekly test to cheer on siang hang and jon mah going up on stage.well, she grumbled la, and unfortunately increased the questions to 6 questions instead of 1,and kept telling us to do it and if possible try to do it in class jugak.(which yvonne did)

and me and pao had our conversation on observation of the day..

paoe:do you think eggie is beautiful?
me:yeah, what about you?
paoe:actually she's quite beautiful la.
me:she does look like amber chia kan?
paoe:amber chia?i dont think you think juanne's beautiful?
me:yeah, juanne tu of course la,inside and outside beautiful.
pao:haha,yeah, inside and outside..hey..see what she's doing..
such beauty..hahhahahahahahaha.

but i dont know, i wasnt motivated today,in almost everything i did.i had quite a lot of misunderstandings with many people lah this week.i think its my i too sensitive? i too sensitive?am i too sensitive?am i too sensitive?am i too sensitive?i should say nO and try attracting that answer to come with THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!