Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Furniture

rushingly entering the apartment, i paused and took a loooooong observation of everything in it.they're constant, standing before me, looking so boring. only me, the living one can make the place alive again. the stillness of the furniture, the 1-month pile of layered dust on every surface, the additional specks of dusts floating in the air, each speck reflecting the morning sunlight coming from the window, the dusty window.. it was new year. Happy new year!

how boring it is to live the life of a furniture. reminded me of the essays i used to do back in primary school. the life of a kasut la, pena la, basikal la..

if you can steal a second from the world,creating a jump in between time instead of the normal continuous flow, the ones most affected are the the ones mobile. the outside cars would crash against each other. the airplane would fall from the sky. people in motion would be in weird positions. funny. or not. accidents. deaths. or not. those would be the ones you run out to, as  you are more conscious and aware of them.

time is important for the ones mobile. they change their positions as time goes by. not these stationary furniture. moving creatures and instruments create stuffs. not these stationary furniture. once you close the door, they are not perceived anymore. not from your perspective anyway. totally ignored by the world,. those poor locked up furniture, stationed in their position, living in exile, loyal to their Lord's command. knowing that while the world is looking away and He, is not, it makes you gush over at how ultra infinitely amazing the Almighty is.

after so long and you're back again to have them in view, you remember how you once sat on the couch, how you once stepped on that floor, how you once touched that wood.. you realise those memories flashing back are just the bits of life you once lived. and how one day in the future, you will review these bits of life you've tasted. and they'll be memories. how you once walked on the grass, how you sat on the rock..and how you soon left the earth like how you once left the house. coz you're just a temporary resident..accommodating the space just for a lil while. or a longer while. realise how incompetent you are,how small you are against the world.against God's will.

for the friend, the housemate, the companion, the teacher, the helper, the sister, the one person for the moment, no longer here with me to continue sharing our lives like the last 2 years, i wish you the best of everything. with you, we have made a house a home. i wish i could have given you more. we are only aware of the ones we're aware of. and when unexpected events occur, it'll require a while to straighten everything up. but it should not take you a while to remember the One who has controlled it all.

for my dear beautiful (sometimes weird=P) companion,

Prophet Muhammad SAW said; whoever has a favour done for him and says to the one who did it "jazakAllahu khayran has done enough to thank him (Tirmidhi)- has done enough means he has thanked him sufficiently, by acknowledging his shortcoming and his inability to reward him so he defers hir reward to Allah so that He might reward him abundantly.

so jazakillah khairan kathiran my dear friend. i will sooooo miss you dearly.. have already been!

many things break your heart, and simply said, we are weak. there are people who only remember our al Khaliq at times of ease and forget Him at times of distress. and there are those who only remember our al Khaliq at times of distress and forget Him at times of ease.
and yet He is All aware of you.

its amazing how you actually live in islam. you watch your every single step. you move you body following the dalil. for the way you walk to school, there's a dalil. for the kind of place you go, theres a dalil. for the way you eat, theres a dalil. for the way you sleep theres a dalil. for your study there's a dalil. when you're wasting time, there's a dalil. when you're too busy the're a dalil. when you're too occupied with worldy gains there's a dalil. when you let go off all your worldly matters, there's a dalil. when you have too much spare time, theres a dalil. when you're sick there's a dalil. when you feel your heart thumps there's a dalil. when you're quiet theres a dalil, when you're loud theres a dalil.what plays in your mind when you're alone, theres a dalil. its like a life full of dalils. a life made with/for zikrullahs.

yea, well how else would you expect.. the world is, after all made for the humans.