Wednesday, December 23, 2009

when painting wont do

ask me for an advice,i'll tell you to try your hand on painting if not drawing. i believe indulging your mind into those tit bits of every dot can swing your whole view point to another height. ok,farisa roslan would say i'm being my over exxagerating self again, but its true!try it.

one time during this summer break, i tried to do this family portrait. its still there, right in front of me depan this laptop, unfinished, coz i couldnt help laughing every time i try to continue.

you see, there i was with the family photo in one hand and a pencil in the other, having finished sketching mak,ainul,mine,nisa,ifa and ayah's head and then perfectly trying to sketch ayah's t-shirt, which is crumpled from holding newborn baby ifa. the baju was rather difficult to be sketched as i could not figure out how the shape of the baju could come out to be.its like there are many extra lumps of red cloth on ayah's red t shirt, on the left i sat there for bout a few minutes wondering what in the world that cloth is. in the picture, nisa seemed to be sitting on the sofa head right behind him, so there's no way by any chance the cloth could be hers..unless she wasnt sitting on the sofa head, but leaning on ayah's back with her kaki tangled to his side till her red shorts kind of nampak mcm ayah's own red baju. and the latter true..somehow all this realisation seemed too humorous to me as i connected how the real shape of nisa's red shorts should look like to the one i've drawn as ayah's extra piece of cloth, thus i couldnt stop laughing and cursing little nisa for sitting on top of poor old ayah (who in the picture doesnt seem to mind), and for making me confused.knowing nisa, should she know that in the future i would get my hands randomly on this photo and examine her so called princess-like position,she'd position herself a lil bit better.but who can guess the future huh.

pictures do tell a thousand of stories yeah..and when you draw the little bits and pieces, there tend to be some funny sides of it too, the ones you tend to miss if you only look at it by a glance of two.drawing makes you appreciate stuffs,and further comprehend them. so do try.
and another thing i realised, its much more difficult to draw the smiley faces of the ones who are not with you anymore..and your own smiley faces when you were with them.