Monday, May 19, 2008

the toll for my complete ignorance

i asked the stupidest question ever to jiha..and i regret for even thinking about asking her such stupid question.

"is thomas cup a football championship?"

and she started laughing like a mad cow, and i laughed and blushed like a mad cow jugak.
my ignorance to sports and games has created me to be so outdated! aaaaahhh!! i need sports!!
time for a change of attitude.


agnes said...

zahra u r so cute!!!

Anonymous said...'s time we watch 2gather k..

F@t1N'z said...


menteri sukan pun x ingat ke?

haihss kene vote out of the cabinet nnti.. hahahaa

mary said...


Fatimahzahra said...

haihyyyaaahhhh!serious i feel damn lame and stupid.mcm mane nk jadi menteri belia dan sukan ni.