Monday, April 21, 2008

The time should have been loong ago instead of NOW.

Here i am early in morning thinking of tomorrow. Feel like failing my IB.

Things to do MONDAY:

1 EE. Wanna check my EE again pleeeaaasssseeee Miss Harjit pleeeaseee..i'm all on my knees. on all four if i must.
2 Biology reports..Forgot the AIM for report 5 and 6..gotta ask Mr Lawrence.
3 Business Commentary.Geram with MR Das.gotta review the topic with him again.
4 Maths IA. wanna check my previous IAs and ask his comments bout them.
5 English oral. Huck Finn! i NEED a perfect 7 FAST.
6 CAS forms. err..

suddenly rase unconfident pulak with myself, with fayzal telling me that both of us haven't been improving while the others have.( based on the 2nd evaluation la).

no more procastination. go go zahra the (as fatin says), the maths IA girl!


F@t1N'z said...

see, too much of my name of ur blog, showing how much i care for your IAs.. LOL.. (the argument doesnt flow, though!)

danial syafiq said...

zack!!!!!!!!!!we must help ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faizal Hamssin said...

so happy that u've already got your own blog. welcome to the club zack.
yeah zara we really2 need to get outta this dormant state. don't worry we're so gonna make it together. go go zack. haha~

danial syafiq said...

go go zack? haha reminds me of "go go power rangers, you mighty morphin power rangers!"

hahaha damn cool la those times. ahh i loved the power rangers.

Fatimahzahra said...

haha.eyh.i LOVED the pink power ranger and the red guy.tak suka the white one tu.with long hair and all macho like sist suka the blue guy,BILLY i think the name, and the yellow chinese power ranger...SSIGGHHSSS...