Thursday, July 17, 2008

no food..

go makan at Deli!


alenn said...

ohmygod!! malasnye makcik-makcik nii hahahaha..

no no i know these are the pics during no eletricity kn?? ehehe..

danial syafiq said...

you both really are best friends la. bestest best friends in the world.

in case youre still wondering what/who im referring to (which is highly likely since youre kinda the blur type), that last pic explains it all. ;p


Fatimahzahra said...

dear faddhhh lin, u guys makan kat club house kan?i guess we eug7 are the loyal customers of deli.i'm getting tired of the food la act.

dear paoe you lil cow.i am everybody's best friend =P cheers!aka dr reed.

alenn said...

"aka dr reed"

haha ;) u mean "ala dr reed"?