Thursday, January 12, 2012

with al haq

2011 has gone so fast! think last year was the year that went fastest pour moi! undoubtedly due to the busy schedules. and summer in melb was the bomb man, c'est the truth. merci beaucoup to all my guests and friends who stayed for summer, you girls made my months, holidays not to forget. alhamdulillah.

and last year was also the toughest of the toughest of years so far! phewww to have survived alive still standing. i will soooo miss my friends :') you girls were with me through the thick and thin, only Allah can repay, i pray. xxxx

and jan 2012 welcomed me with such good news and hopes, thank you Allah, thank you Allah. alhamdulillah alhamdulillah..

c'est la vie of a student. you study hard, and long for the holidays. you struggle, and then you rest.

after hardship comes ease, after hardship comes ease.

how easy was it for Rasulullah to submit to these words when they were first revealed? people threatened him, Muslims were tortured, hatred towards the muslim minority were everywhere expressed, no, it wasnt easy. but al fatah did come after all, apres beaucoup of faith and struggles, and after many tests separating the real mujahids and munafiqs.

if we were born during those times, which path would we have chosen?

i remember there was a gift card once i saw in a shop it read: "families are but accidents, you're just born in it." it would have been such an honour to have been born during Rasulullah's time, living in the community of the salfusshaleh. learning the sunnah fresh and live, seeing the revelation itself, living with our most beloved.


but yeahhh nowadays we have edgy tech savvy stuffs, we have electricity, travel convenience, and education opportunities, al qur'an as sunnah are compiled and distributed, a much easier life by farrrrrrrr, who wouldnt wanna miss that.

then let us be thankful for our qada' and qadar, to be born in this generation, in our particular family, it is iA a gift in itself, with reason and al haq, by the careful planning of The One All mighty, perfect in every way, and never need to rest. Allah chose you family for you. its not, an accident.

 after hard ship comes ease. after hardship comes ease.

but lets not allow our ease be the cause of our eternal hardship, on the day where many would so wish that they were turned to dust, were never born, never been given life.