Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Allah al Wali

yesterday evening was soooooooooooooooooooooooo.., i cant find words to describe it but, i pray Allah would always keep me reminded of those intense feeling of pasrah and reliance on Him. please dont let me forget, please guide me towards the path of those who are forever bertaqwa. havent felt such nervousness, non study oriented nervousness, for a very very long time..maybe ever since my first flight to australia. always have a good laugh everytime i recall those moments on the plane, me, being scared of heights, did everything in my power that came to mind to meditate (forcefully), be it, berzikir out loud, much to the embarrassment of azeem and iman next to me haha.

so yesterday was a very similar case, and i do not know why! sleepless nights of thinking, wondering, practicing and praying did no good to help me relax. and i think i flunked it.. 1st impression: FAILED.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! T_T
may Allah bring out the best of everything.

from another point of view, i appreciate this feeling of total helplessness and in desperate need of support from the All Mighty. wouldnt mind having to face it everyday, at least that would get me constantly reminded and on my toes.

hey, by the way, its interesting to note that the english idiom of "on your toes" is in line with the islamic comparison of taqwa.

being on your toes would generally refer to someone being alert and always ready to go/ react, right?.

while taqwa can be compared to as walking through a narrow path with thorny bushes on both sides and the person walking though tries his best to keep his clothes from being torn, with the clothes resembling iman and the thorns resembling sins. this opinion of one salaf illustrated a picture of a person walking on tip toes and being alert on the every location of the thorns.

so when you look at your feet and toes, remember how cautious you should be, how you should always be on your toes regarding everything every time.

back to yesterday. i didnt eat the whole day, and i couldnt really sleep the night before. but i'm still energetic and 'on my toes' when evening comes haha. must be the nervous hormones keeping me awake. hmm, they're pretty handy when caffeine is not around yea. so thankful for this amazing experience, strengthening my belief on my everlasting unconditional need for Allah al Waliy.

ya Allah al Waliyy, ya Allah al Waliyy, ya Allah al Waliyy
ya Allah my Wali, ya Allah my Protector, ya Allah my Guardian.

the example of Allah as al Waliyy is significant in many surahs in the alqur'an, from how Allah is the Wali when Rasulullah saw and his friend were in the cave when the Quraisy were searching for them and were just near the cave entrance,  to how Allah was the Wali to Nabi Yusuf as. his whole life was dependent on the mercy of Allah swt.

yusuf as said,

12:101: "Creator of the heavens and earth, You are my Wali in this world and in the Hereafter"

and indeed,

2:257: "Allah is the Wali of those who believe"

when a girl is to get married, her father (or her other closest adult male relative) is the wali, to hand her over to the future husband. for the wife, its the husband.

for children, the father/mother is the wali in all their affairs, be it in signing school record books and payments, or just in any mischief they do. when neighbours get angry, they complain to the father/mother.

for orphans, their wali might be their nearest relative alive, or they may get adopted and have a non blood related person as their wali.

for a person in court, her wali is her lawyer whom she trusts, fighting for her best interest.

wali is simply, the one who has custody over us, who is our guardian and helper, closest friend whom we can put our whole trust and reliance on. the wali is the the one who talks on our behalf, the one whom our actions and decisions are based upon and the one to whom we seek refuge to.

and on top of all these mortal walis of ours, is the most perfect, our ilah, our rabb, Allah al Wali.

may Allah increase our iman, and our iman in Him as our ultimate, sole, one and only al Waliyy.


Al - Amin said...

Syukran :) a great reminder for us, insyaAllah.