Monday, April 18, 2011


call me weird, but experiencing twisters have always been one of my dreams since several times reading the wizard of oz. if not dream then, err, call it.. erm, interest? and to survive to tell the tale of course, however unlikely that may be. Leena if you're reading this, you're welcome to join me L!=P

the US tornado in the last few days brought another natural reminders for us. alhamdulillah the world is full of reminders. alhamdulillah we're still alive. another chance to edit our accounts and protect ourselves from the final judgement.

to see the strong wind being formed, fast. the dust folded. the gravity sucking things into its empty hollow middle, then thrashing them far back onto the earth, out of its way. the strength.leaving crops wasted and plants uprooted. amazing nature's work of art, bi iznillah.

imagine if all that you've worked for, all these years, destroyed in a split of a second. would u be crying just like those who did? sometimes we cry when we did bad during the exams. sometimes we cry when our house's broken in to, with furniture and electronics gone. sometimes we cry when a beloved dies. gone are the things we've worked hard for, invested much energy, time and wealth in.

its beautiful how the al qur'an uses the destroying wind to illustrate the parables of life.

10:24-25; Verily, the parable of the life of the world is as the water which We send down from the sky; so by it arises the intermingled produce of the earth of which men and cattle eat: until when the earth is clad in its adornments and is beautified, and its people think that they have all the powers of disposal over it, Our command reaches it by night or by day and We make it like a clean-mown harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday! Thus do We explain the Ayat in detail for the people who reflect.Allah calls to the Abode of Peace (Paradise) and guides whom He wills to the straight path.

18: 45-46;

 And mention the parable of the worldly life: it is like the water which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is able to do everything.

let not our deeds, have the same fate as the worldly life. 
janganlah amalan baik kita dihapuskan oleh dosa.
janganlah kita ingat ia x apa, rupa rupanya tidak.
Ya zaljalaaliwal ikram, amitnaa 'ala deenil islam.


NLeena said...

yes... you read my mind Z. hhehe.

NLeena said...

yes... you read my mind Z. hhehe.